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Bursaries & Scholarships 2024 – over $98,000 available


Bursaries: Based on need as well as marks

Scholarships: Based on marks


Deadline for applications:  March 15, 2024 

 No late submissions will be accepted.


Applications should be submitted via Google form. Find the link in your CLC Google classroom. The bursary booklet is available on our website at Please note some awards require specific application forms that will be accessible through your grad transition teacher, google account, school website or ask Ms. Schalla.  Please check with Mrs. Schalla to make sure your applications have been received.


NOTE:  Awards that say you must attend the institution within one year of graduation mean either this fall’s session (eg 2023) or January/spring session (eg 2024).  If the award says you may defer for one year then you can defer to the next fall’s session (eg. 2024).  Make sure the organization is aware of your registration date when applying.  If you request a deferment the organization must approve that request in writing in order for you to receive the funds.  Some groups do not allow deferments.


Please only apply for the bursary/scholarship that you qualify for, eg. If you do not live in the Town of Creston boundaries please do not apply. However, if you split your time amongst two households please state that in your letter to the organization. In your letter to the donor please include the important information eg. Name of parent who works within the organization (JH Huscroft, Columbia Brewery, BCTF, CUPE, Canfor etc). If you or your parent are a member of the Rod & Gun Club please include that information in your letter.

Please read all the criteria carefully in this booklet and include all the information requested. If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask Ms. Schalla


CVCF Bursary Form

District Applications

Go to District website: District Scholarships

Read through the information to complete the applicable application forms.