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Dear parents,

 The new, MyEd system, is a web-based portal in which parents/guardians can access their students attendance and course grades. Our intent is to enable you to login on a regular basis to monitor your child’s attendance as well as their report cards and transcripts.

To access the MyEducation BC System:

Make sure popups are enabled for your browser

You have been sent an email, (it is not spam), containing your user name and password. Both user name and password are case sensitive. The login information describes the process for creating your account. Please follow the directions in the email. If you have not received an introductory email, please contact the school office with an up-to-date email address.

Passwords are temporary and will have to be reset immediately upon your first login. Passwords must contain a minimum of 8 characters, including an upper case letter, a lower case letter, a number and a symbol.

After changing your password, you will have to create a security retrieval question and answer. There is a drop-down arrow to choose a question and a space for your answer.

After this is done you should be redirected automatically to your child’s education information.

In this portal, there are several “top tabs” that you can look at – “Family” is the main one to look at.  Click on the “Family” top tab, then look at the “side tabs”. There are two key ones to look at, “Daily Attendance” and “Transcripts”.

Daily Attendance will show you days in which your student is absent. “A” is absent – not excused, “A-E” means absent but excused and "D" means disappeared (skipping class). If you click on a specific absence you should be able to see the percentage of the day that has been missed. You can not mark your child absent here. You still need to phone or email the school or send a note with your child to report absences.

Transcripts – will show marks for all courses taken.

PDF icon Parent Portal Letter.pdf

PDF icon Parent Portal_Brochure.pdf